Colorado Trail 2018

As I was training for my New Zealand trip, I thought I needed to go somewhere and get in a training hike. All my hikes/walks started out my front door and turned left to head into Rock Creek Park, so I could get off the city streets at the very least. Since I have family in CO, and I have previously hiked a section of the Colorado Trail, I thought that starting where my last trip ended and hiking ~100 miles over 5 days would be a good training hike. This covers the trail from Kenosha Pass to the Mt. Massive trailhead. Lots of elevation change, all above 10,000 feet. See the pics, read my tale.

Inkandescent Radio

I rebuilt a site that I had originally built in 2013/2014 using Textpattern. The design was kept similar but updated to become full screen width and made mobile friendly. I imported all the content out of textpattern structured in a format that was seamlessly imported into WordPress. The new site is more flexible and has features that automatically generate the RSS feed for podcast episodes.

NAIS Photobooth

I built a small site that lets the user submit an image and select an overlay for that that image. The result for user is final image associated with the conference that they can download and use on social media and other platforms. The site was designed by Kinetik

The site is built using WordPress, and the Gravity Forms plugin. After the user submits the form, I set up some post processing code that grabs the user submitted image and the selected overlay, combines them into one image with a bit of php, and shows the result so user can download.