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My Work

Below are some recent projects. There is a bit of descriptive info for each project. The images are mostly a desktop version of home page, and also a couple of phone size mobile screenshots. Showing websites on a website is a bit odd and I have decided to just show large images, so you just need to scroll down the page. I encourage you to visit the website to get a better idea of how they perform, as these are all projects that I still work on. All sites below are built in WordPress unless otherwise noted.

I can provide further work samples and references.

Oil & Gas Threat Map

The Oil & Gas Threat Map is project put together by Earthworks. The design is Charlene Anderson of Creative Geckos. Sharing the maps on social media was an important aspect of project, so customized tags for full control of images and text shared on Facebook and Twitter were built into admin pages.

Visit Oil & Gas Threat Map

DCRP Masters Team

I originally built the DCRP website as two websites, and front end WordPress site, and a member area that I built in CodeIgniter. I recently rebuilt the entire site in WordPress. This makes the various management tasks easier and more streamlined. The team has attendance requirements so I built an attendance system that automatically calculates whether a member has made the minimum requirements and lets each member see their current status on their member page. I designed this site myself, I prefer sites with a simple straightforward layout. Each page serves one purpose.

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Sun Management

I built the Sun Management site in 2016. This was a fairly challenging site to build, especially in making the mobile versions render nicely.

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Paul Fetters Photography

I designed and built this site working with Paul a number of years ago, but recently updated the site to make it mobile friendly. I incorporated a better (I think) method for showing the larger images that works on the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Thurgood Marshall Academy

I built the TMA site a number of years ago, and continue to make updates to this site. Recently I updated the site so that is meets web accessibility standards. This involved updating colors to maintain enough contrast between background and text color. It also involved various code updates to make sure that navigation and images meet the standards.

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Wowbagger is a time tracking and invoicing system I built in CodeIgniter around 2007. I have recently updated the design and features. This site only exists on my computer so I have not built mobile versions (although I am considering it), or any security features. It has proven quite useful. I keep track of my time on a project, and then create an invoice from those entries.

I liked this design enough that I decided to apply it to this web site.