Colorado Trail 2018

As I was training for my New Zealand trip, I thought I needed to go somewhere and get in a training hike. All my hikes/walks started out my front door and turned left to head into Rock Creek Park, so I could get off the city streets at the very least. Since I have family in CO, and I have previously hiked a section of the Colorado Trail, I thought that starting where my last trip ended and hiking ~100 miles over 5 days would be a good training hike. This covers the trail from Kenosha Pass to the Mt. Massive trailhead. Lots of elevation change, all above 10,000 feet. See the pics, read my tale.

New Zealand Pics

More than 2 years! That seems a bit too long to wait to process pics from a 6 week trip to New Zealand, and it is. I kept thinking if I had a nickel every time someone asked me about my New Zealand trip pics, I would have zero nickels. But alas, you lucky souls, you finally get to see them. 

I did start the process not long after I returned, but I was quite unhappy with what I was seeing. A lot of soft focus, or just plain blurry pics, and what seemed like big gaps in picture taking. It looked like I forgot to take pics for long stretches of hiking, so much so that I kept rechecking my cards for missed images. 6 weeks and only about 1500 total images between camera and phone. Of course, now that I have edited images and arranged in galleries, I am glad I did not have more. This was way more work than I expected.

I did miss a bunch, but I was getting my ass kicked at times, and was maybe too tired to stop and take pics. But, after processing, the results are definitely better than I expected. 

BTW – New Zealand is well worth a visit. On to the galleries!